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Tai Chi can be considered a form of meditation in movement. While traditional seated meditation involves stillness and a focus on the breath or an object of concentration, Tai Chi integrates mindful awareness into flowing, meditative movements.

The Tai Chi taught by Spiros Peristeris incorporates the elegant and flowing movements of the Yang style form and routines, which are known for their graceful nature and focus on balance, relaxation, and mindfulness. This style emphasizes the principles of yin and yang, energy cultivation (Qi), and the integration of mind and body.

Alongside the Yang style form, Spiros introduces various Qi gong practices to deepen the Tai Chi experience. These Qi gongs include Nei Gong, which involves internal energy cultivation and refinement; Song Gong, which emphasizes relaxation and softness in movement; Zhan Zhuang or Standing Meditation, which cultivates core strength and stability; and Dao Yin, which combines breathing exercises with gentle stretching and movement. These additional Qi gongs complement and enhance the Tai Chi practice, providing practitioners with tools to further cultivate their energy, increase body awareness, and promote overall well-being.

In addition, Spiros incorporates the classic Qi Gong practice of Baduan Jin, also known as the Eight Brocades. This ancient practice consists of eight gentle movements that help to open and harmonize the body’s energy channels, enhance physical vitality, and improve overall health. By integrating these various Qi gongs into the Tai Chi training, Spiros offers a comprehensive and enriching approach for practitioners to deepen their practice and unlock the full benefits of Tai Chi.