Om Tai Chi
As simple as this moment…
Simple as breathing in and out and being aware…
– Spiros


Tai Chi

Tai Chi er en grasiøs treningsform som styrker fysisk og følelsesmessig helse og mental fleksibilitet. Praksisen består i en variert kombinasjon av myke, rolige bevegelsersformer, fokus og selvforsvars øvelser. Tai Chi aktiverer også livskraften og utvikler balanse, klarhet og overskudd.


Taiji is understood to be the highest conceivable principle, that from which existence flows.
Taiji underlies the practical Taijiquan (TAI CHI) – A Chinese internal martial art based on the principles of Yin and Yang and Taoist philosophy.

In our school Tai Chi is taught as a combination of health practice, meditation, martial practice and spiritual cultivation.

Dao yin (sometimes referred to as Taoist yoga) is a series of exercises practiced by Taoists to cultivate ch’i, the internal energy of the body according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.
The practice of Dao Yin was a precursor of Qigong, and was practised in Chinese Taoist monasteries for health and spiritual cultivation.

Dao Yin, is a primary formative ingredient in TAI CHI.

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