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Etter avtale

Stillness is a profound state that transcends the notion of movement or activity. It is a place of complete tranquility and calmness, where the mind and body are at rest. In this state, all mental chatter, restlessness, and agitation cease, allowing for a deep sense of peace and inner quietude. Stillness is not bound by time or space; it is an eternal presence that exists within us. It is a gateway to self-discovery, clarity, and profound connection with our inner being and the world around us. In the depth of stillness, we embrace the essence of pure existence.

Stillness in motion

Indeed, stillness in motion is a concept that paradoxically harmonizes quietude and movement. It refers to the ability to maintain a deep sense of inner stillness and peace even while engaged in various activities. It is the art of being fully present and centered amidst the bustling world. Like a serene lake reflecting the surrounding activity, stillness in motion allows us to navigate through life with grace, mindfulness, and a tranquil mind. It is a way of harmonizing action and contemplation, finding inner calm even in the midst of external movement.

Tai Chi & stillness

Tai Chi, beautifully embodies the concept of stillness in motion. It is a martial art and form of moving meditation that emphasizes the cultivation of inner stillness and harmony while engaging in fluid, slow-motion movements. Tai Chi teaches us to move with grace, balance, and mindfulness, synchronizing our body, breath, and mind. Through the practice of Tai Chi, we learn to maintain a sense of calmness and centeredness even in the midst of continuous flowing movements. It is the embodiment of stillness in motion, where the external movements become an expression of our inner tranquility and balance.