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Tai Chi gong, is a set of exercises which develops the strength and flexibility of the body, increases your vitality, and promotes deep relaxation.

You’ll enjoy reduced stress, a stronger immune system, and a deeper awareness of breath and body coordination.

Baduanjin  qigong which has more than one thousand years of history in China. It is a typical exercise to promote health and the Chinese Health Qigong Association has recommended its generalized application.

Taiji quan – Yang style Tai Chi. The internal Martial Art.

Lærer: Spiros

Vinter-Vår 2023 

Fra: tirsdag 17 jan 2023
Til: tirsdag 16 mai 2023

Opphold uke 8 og 14

Tid: 20:00 til 21:30

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Tai Chi-Qi Gong kr3,400.00 (NOK)